Eyelid Laceration / Foreign body in Eyelid

Corneal Abrasion



  • Closed globe injury or Non-penetrating trauma: The eye globe is intact, but the seven rings of the eye have been classically described as affected by blunt trauma.
  • Penetrating trauma: The globe integrity is disrupted by a full-thickness entry wound and might possibly be associated with prolapse of the internal contents of the eye.
  • Perforating trauma: The globe integrity is disrupted in two places due to an entrance and exit wound (through and through injury). This is a quite severe type of eye injury.
  • Blowout fracture of the orbit is caused by blunt trauma, classically described for fist or ball injury, leading to fracture of the floor or medial wall of the orbit due to sudden increased pressure on the orbital contents.

Eyelid Lacerations




Eyelid avulsions


  • This is an uncommon injury that can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, dog bites,or {human} bites.
  • Eyelid avulsions might possibly be repaired by suturing after a assessment to damage to the muscles, nerves, and blood vessels of the eyelid has occurred.

Puncture Wounds to the Eyelid



Foreign Body in the Eyelid

BB pellet in the eyelid
CT scan showing eyelid trauma with avulsion Clinical image of eyelid trauma caused by a foreign object (BB).